“Casa Ti’ José Borges” is a completely restored country home located in the Ramo Grande great plain on Terceira Island. Ramo Grande has traditionally been a center of wealth and cultural importance on Terceira.

The traditions of the island are preserved in this home. It was restored by its current owners, the Meneses Family, so that you could be transported to another era during your stay at this house.

“Casa Ti’ José Borges” has been in the Meneses family for well over a century. It is named for its original owner, José Borges Leal de Menezes Júnior.

Born on the island in 1889, José Borges owned and operated a farm and was known as a “good man” who positively impacted the people and the land. In recognition of his impact on the community, the street leading up to the house also bears his name.

Borges is a descendant of one of the original settlers of Terceira Island, Camel Gaspar Rego. Rego was a master chief, councilman and judge in Praia da Vitória. Rego, came to Terceira from the Island of São Miguel in the late sixteenth century. On Terceira, Rego met and married the love of his life, Catarina Cardoso Evangelho. Evangelho was the great, great, great granddaughter of Álvaro Martins Homem, who was a nobleman under Princess Beatriz. Homem came to Terceira in approximately 1461 and was appointed the first Captain of Praia da Vitoria by Princess Beatriz in a letter signed by the Princess in Évora on 2/14/1474.

“Casa Ti’ José Borges” is more than just a house. It represents traditional country living in an area of economic, social and cultural importance as well as centuries of history for the Meneses Family.

From the original colonizers of the island to modern times, many people have lived and worked the land surrounding “Casa Ti’ José Borges.”

The current owners have painstakingly restored this lovely home, going above and beyond in their renovation of what was originally their Grandfather’s home.